20% CBD Oil and Balm Bundle

£ 78.99

20% CBD Oil and Balm bundle

Get a 20% Premium CBD Oil and a 500mg Premium CBD balm as a bundle deal, and make a great saving from buying individually.

Frequently asked questions

There are many things about CBD people aren’t aware of, below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

20% CBD Oil and Balm bundle

Is CBD legal?

As CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, it is 100% legal. The reason for this is simple,  as hemp refers to strains of the Cannabis sativa plant that contain very low levels of THC less than 0.2%. As a result of this, hemp-based products are approved and sold lawfully within the UK.

Are there any side effects?

Products made from specially-bred hemp plants are generally considered to be safe, so it’s unlikely that you’ll experience any side-effects when taking CBD supplements. However, we cannot guarantee this as it will depend on how your body tolerates and reacts to CBD.  We would recommend that you speak to your doctor if in doubt before using any dietary supplement.

Will I feel ‘high’ or ‘stoned’?

CBD will definitely not make you high. Hemp plants, have entirely different characteristics to the marijuana plant, and contain virtually no THC at all. Actually, it can counteract the psycho activity of THC, meaning that CBD products will leave you feeling stable at all times.

How much should I take?

The amount of CBD that you take will always depend on your choice product, but we’d always recommend that you start by using a lower dosage and find the right level for you. A process of trial and error will then lead you to the ideal amount, while following our guidelines on products.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

CBD is completely legal and is not a banned substance in the UK therefore it won’t be flagged up on any tests, which is why even top athletes can safely enjoy the benefits that CBD offers.

Can children use CBD?

Since CBD cannabinoids naturally occur in the body they therefore naturally work with the endocannabinoid system to control communication between cells and mediate body function. This means CBD is perfectly safe for children. CBD is non-psychoactive so children will not get high from using it.

What’s the best way to take CBD?

Everyone is different, there are many different ways to take CBD. I would recommend the oral oils, but some people like to vape, and some like to use edibles like our 20mg gummie bears. Whichever method you chose CBD can help your wellbeing and health.

Can I take CBD with my prescription medication?

We would always suggest speaking with a medical professional if you are on prescription medication, as CBD can interact with some medicines but this is very rare and only at high doses. Many people actually reduce their prescription drugs while using CBD.


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