CBD for weight training, fitness and bodybuilding

CBD for weight training, fitness and bodybuilding

With health and fitness becoming extremely popular lifestyle choices today with almost a third of the population follow a regular exercise/training regimen. There’s noticeable benefits using CBD for weight training recovery. There is a mass of supplements available to aid your training and help with your muscle development or fat loss etc. Ranging from protein shakes to pre workout caffeine stimulant drinks and everything in between.

CBD has also gathered quite a lot of traction in the fitness sector recently. For the benefits it can provide with muscle recovery and ability to help with sleep quality.

Many people still aren’t aware of how CBD can help with muscle recovery and growth. CBD taken post training can allow you to train more frequently and maintain pace by easing muscle aches and pains. It doesn’t stop there CBD is not just pain-relieving, it has anti-inflammatory and appetite regulating properties that can further support post workout recovery. Another significant benefit of CBD for muscle growth is it’s ability to lower cortisol levels, as a result promoting muscle growth as high cortisol levels will slow down your muscle growth.

Some of the benefits of CBD

Joint inflammation:

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties when taken sublingual or applied topically. These anti-inflammatory properties can be beneficial. As many frequent weight lifters or bodybuilders are challenged with managing joint inflammation. CBD can combat this very effectively. One study showed that CBD supplementation could reduced inflammation by nearly 50%. Many people have to deal with pain and niggles from old or new injuries. CBD can help deal with these niggles allowing workouts to continue and be more enjoyable.

Sleep and quality of sleep:

Using CBD for weight training can improve muscle recovery, growth and sleep quality. CBD can help your muscles repair themselves after being torn apart during training sessions. Above all without sufficient rest your body’s protein synthesis isn’t as efficient or as effective. CBD can help with falling asleep and quality of sleep, by helping us relax our body and mind.

Reduces stress levels:

CBD has the ability to lower cortisol levels, a high cortisol level indicates stress. Lowering your stress levels by supplementing with CBD, will allow you to focus on your training and wellbeing goals.

More energy:

Our bodies insulin levels affect our energy levels, CBD regulates our blood sugar levels which in turn affects our insulin production. CBD can help maintain lower insulin levels. Lower insulin levels result in your body using glucose for energy rather than converting it to fat. As a result less fat is deposited. Therefore emphasizing the results from training.


CBD seems to have many possible benefits towards muscle recovery and development. CBD added to a healthy diet can bring many benefits to anyone’s health or training regime.

Check out this blog post by ameture bodyuilder Nolan about his experience with CBD and training https://remedyjourney.com/cbd-weightlifting/

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