CBD Bath Bombs explained

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CBD Bath Bombs explained

Whether you like a nice long soak in the bath or prefer a time-efficient shower, you cant take away the fact that having a soak in a luxury tub of warmth and bubbles can help you unwind.

CBD bath bombs will be right up your street if you are a bath lover.  CBD bath bombs are the hottest new hype, offering an array of relaxing and beneficial properties, making these products the most talked about topical CBD product this year.

What is a CBD Bath bomb?

Most of us know what a bath bomb is, but in case you’re new to the concept: Picture a ball that dissolves into your bath water, leaving an explosion of glitter, petals and bright colours in your water accompanied by beautiful aromas. A CBD bath bomb is as described above but further infused with cannabidiol.

CBD comes in many different formats, the most popular being CBD oil which can be consumed orally by placing it directly under the tongue. Furthermore, there are CBD edibles, CBD vape oils, and it can even be applied directly onto the skin through CBD topical balms and creams.  Although CBD oils are the most commonly used form of CBD, some people prefer topicals which can get to work on pain relief to a specific area, easing muscles, helping with skin issues, and offering anti-inflammatory relief.

CBD bath bombs are the most talked about topical of 2019, usually infused with many other essential oils to enhance the relaxation and offer the ultimate bath experience.  The only down side is these bespoke handmade products are quite an expensive way to get your CBD.

So are they worth it?

Our bath bombs are infused with many essential oils such as Lavender, cederwood, and Ylangylang, this means that your not only getting the potential benefits that CBD has to offer, but the other ingredients have benefits of their own also.  We are all aware of CBD’s ability to potentially reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety and help relaxation. These qualities at bath time can further aid the benefits of a nice relaxing bath, so if you’re a bath lover CBD infused bath bombs will only make you love it even more.

*Our products are sold as food supplements and are not intended to prevent, cure, or diagnose any disease.


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