CBD and Sleep

CBD and Sleep

Improve wellbeing with CBD

To be our best self, sleep is one of the most essential factors in influencing our well-being.  How we sleep affects our mood, how we approach our day and our overall health, so getting a good night’s sleep is a vital part of life!

If, like many people, you find yourself tossing and turning and going over every detail of your day in frustration at not being able to sleep. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Can CBD Help with sleep?

CBD or cannabinoid oil, which is derived from the cannabis plant can provide an effective aid to help you sleep better and for longer.

When we sleep, our bodies go through cycles and produce chemicals that help us to drift away to dreamland.  The first cycle is a light sleep state know as the non-REM stage, our body will begin to relax and our temperature rises, causing our heart rate to slow.  At light sleep stage, we can still be disturbed easily by changes in activity or noise around us. The longer we are in the state of sleep, we move through the stages until we are at REM sleep. This is where we are fully relaxed, in a very deep sleep. The problem many people have is that they only ever get as far as light sleep this makes it exceedingly difficult to stay asleep. This condition is referred to as insomnia, there is approximately 15 million people in the UK who struggle with condition.


Natural CBD remedies for restless nights

CBD has become one of the most popular natural remedies over the last ten years, not just for sleep, but for anxiety, pain relief and other holistic treatments. CBD does not cause any mind alteration or hallucinogenic symptoms. But more of a calming and soothing feeling. CBD is available is many different forms, such as oral oils, cbd edibles, or e-liquids. Oral CBD oils remain the most effective and popular method.

Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids, which when working together with a CBD supplement, can help reach a state of haematosis and this calming down our brain and its level of activity and production. This in turn helps aid in reducing anxiety, low mood, and stress, thus creating a more relaxed state of mind. And in turn helping with sleep.

Before you decide to embark on using CBD. It is important to make sure your sleep issues arn’t caused by something specific that can cause insomnia.

Have a good sleep routine, combined with CBD could show dramatic improvements in your life.  If you decide to start your CBD journey, there’s a solid chance you wont suffer from sleepless nights any longer!


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