CBD and Golf – Can it help?

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CBD and Golf – Can it help?

Could CBD help a Golfers Performance?

With the World Anti-Doping Agency removing (CBD) from their banned substances list back in 2018, many professional athletes including golfers are using CBD to help with recovery and other sports related ailments. CBD and golf, many high level golfers are openly praising CBD for the benefits it can bring; Colin Montgomery a world class golfer has recently endorsed a CBD brand after using CBD himself.

Another world class golfer with multiple PGA tour wins, Scott McCarron also believes CBD has many benefits that can help a professional /amateur sports person.

He stated in an interview that CBD helps with his sleep and focus in turn reducing anxiety, both very important factors for any sports person.


Some known benefits CBD can bring


CBD can help with Performance Anxiety

Performance related anxiety is very common among professional golfers, due to the high expectations of play.  It can cause, lack of attention, and focus resulting in less than expected performance.  This can in turn cause frustration, anger and even depression.

CBD could be the answer if one suffers from performance related anxiety. CBD is well known for its anxiety and stress relieving properties


CBD as an Anti-Inflammatory

Many golfers experience Inflammation, the most common being Golfer’s elbow. This condition causes pain and inflammation in the forearm tendons that attach to the elbow. Back pain and inflammation is also a common amongst golfers.

Obviously golfers have to use their forearms, wrist and back to play the game, so when inflammation is present it causes mobility issues and thus affects their swing, and overall performance

In some cases severe golfer’s elbow can stop a golfer from playing for weeks. If inflammation isn’t treated, it can result in nerve damage and severe pain.

Fortunately, research into CBD as a viable anti-inflammatory is very promising and well documented to help reduce inflammation and ease pain associated with inflammation.

For golfers, this is great news!  It’s very likely that CBD can help with golfer’s elbow and other inflammatory problems.


CBD as a Potential Sleep Aid

Everyone benefits from good quality sleep, especially athletes, to ensure your body is erested and mind is focused.  This obviously applies to golfers too.

If a golfer has a poor sleep schedule or a disrupted sleep pattern, even during off season this can cause issues such as drowsiness and fatigue during the day and during tournaments.

Research on CBD’s effectiveness for sleep and sleep-related issues is very promising showing it can help with getting to sleep and quality of sleep.

Based on this research, it’s worth considering using CBD oil for sleep-related problems, especially if you’re a golfer.


Is CBD Legal in the UK?

CBD is 100% legal in the UK — As long as it is sourced from industrial hemp containing less than 0.2% THC. CBD sourced from marijuana plants is not guaranteed to contain less than 0.2% THC and therefore may not be legal and cause a failed drug test.


Conclusion for CBD and Golfers

From what we know, CBD has the potential to do great things for golfers on and off the golf course. Helping with inflammation, anxiety and sleep could all benefit any golfer professional or amature.

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