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March 2021

  • CBD for Dogs

    CBD for dogs and benefits

    CBD-based products, may help improve your dog’s quality of life. It can be a useful therapy for a number of conditions, including pain management, arthritis, anxiety, and seizures. Although the use of CBD oil in treating each of these conditions in dogs is under-researched, all mammals react the same way to CBD. Where […]

  • CBD and Sleep

    Improve wellbeing with CBD

    To be our best self, sleep is one of the most essential factors in influencing our well-being.  How we sleep affects our mood, how we approach our day and our overall health, so getting a good night’s sleep is a vital part of life! 

    If, like many people, you find yourself tossing and […]

  • CBD for pain

    CBD and pain relief – how could it benefit you?

    CBD is high in antioxidants, so it has anti-inflammatory benefits to joint pain and stiffness, coupled with an analgesic effect, which reduces pain perception. 

    People who suffer with chronic pain or joint pain often build up a resistance to standard pain relief and therefore look to alternatives […]


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